Which kind of cable can i connect the computer’s RS-232 port with the printer’s RS232 port with?

You will find the description in the enclosed file.

What sort of USB Cable will i need?

The printers has USB B type mother, so the general A-B type cable can be used.

What does it mean, that line thermal printer?

In the traditional matrix printers, the printer head moves in front of the paper. Contrarily in the thermal line printers, there are thermal dots, in this way the printing is happened without the movement of the printerhead. The adventage of this is that the number of the portable accesories are decreased, it increases the trustiness, and the speed of the printing.

When should we choose thermal transfer barcode labelprinter?

The main difference between the direct thermal printers and the thermal transfe printers is that the direct thermal printer’label material is thermal sensitive paper, the thermal transfer printers print on normal paper, and the bitmap is made by the ribbons. The life time of the labels ( made by the direct thermal printers) is much more shorter, and the bitmap can be destroyed by heavy sunlight. Contrarily the thermal transfer printers burn the ink into the label. The material of the label can be paper, plastic, more over it can be textile too. The burnt ink made a longlife label.

Is there a windows driver for the printers?

We provide Windows, OPS and WEPOS drivers, but the drivers work with the printers in graphic mode, so the sending data is increased. It’s important to choose the printer’s interface, because the RS-232 interface send less data, than the USB interface at the same time. If we do not use the drivers, because we use it as a direct printer, and the build in character generating is used, the speed of the printing is much more faster.

How can i choose a ribbon?

When you choose the ribbon, you have to appoint the width of the label, and you should choose a bit wider than the label. You can order: 58/76/114/150/220 mm wide ribbons.

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