About us

The CGP Electronics Ltd. was established by young engineers in July 1993. This is a 100% privatly owned company with dinamically increasing trade year by year. In the begining the firm primarily dealt with develoing and manufactoring special, individual measurement devices. It shortly appeared that there was a serious demand also for the small size, often portable printers which are applicable for such equipment. Taking advantage of this opportunity CGP Electronics developed and produced many printers according to the demands. By this time this activity has become the main profile of the company. Beside the selling in the Hungarian market the dinamically expanding export activity gets a more and more important role. The succes of CGP Electronics's products is marked by the fact that our printers operate in almost 16 countries world-wide.

The application fields of these printers are very wide. They are employed for cash-registers, ticket-mashines in long-distance buses, parking ticket systems, measurement devices and many more different purposes.

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